My top 10 list of to do’s in Carvoeiro

  1. I love spending lots of time sunbathing, and relaxing on (Praia  do Carvoeiro ) Carvoeiro Beach. 

  2. I like taking long walks along the beach and exploring in and around Carvoeiro.

  3. I love fishing for (lapas) mussels around the big rock formations next to Carvoeiro Beach,

  4. I love sitting at the cafe ( Bellissimo Cafe in the center of Carvoeiro) and have their famous cappuccino.

  5. I love walking to (Praia do Paraiso) Paraiso Beach which is approx 300 meters from Studio Calisto.

  6. I love eating hot fresh local made bread, oranges and olives  for breakfast.

  7. I love taking daily local boat trips to the (Grotas)caves.

  8. I enjoy taking long walks along the oceonside to Algar Seco.

  9. I love strolling thru the local  shops in Carvoeiro.

  10. I absolutely love and enjoy sun tanning, relaxing on the rooftop of Studio Calisto.


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