If you have never been to Algarve



If you have never been to Algarve, it is not really possible to explain what makes it a very special place. A good place to start understanding the uniqueness of Algarve is the weather, but understand that this is like saying that what makes a Van Gogh painting is the colors of the paint he used. Algarve has an idyllic dry climate, created in part by its geography, including the fact that it is surrounded by hills, the sea and the river Guadiana.


The coast of Algarve has numerous spectacular rock formations that divide the beaches, creating quaint private paradises. Many of the beaches are bordered by beautiful sand cliffs, which merge with pine trees, creating a feast of nature that is unmatched anywhere else.



 Complimenting the natural beauty of the beaches, Algarve also offers numerous recreational activities, including: world class golf courses, tennis courts, sailing, horseback riding, wind surfing, deep sea fishing, water skiing, and much more. Algarve also offers a world class night life, including discos, clubs, and casinos.

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