Praia do Carvoeiro Beach Accessible Beauty and Fun

A charming fishing village located in the Algarve region of Portugal just 3 hours south of Lisbon, Praia do Carvoeiro beach offers some of the best swimming and scenery in the area. It stretches out into a wide expanse of sand, surrounded by cliffs and overlooked by Studio Calisto .

With a traditional local market that sells fresh produce and the neighborhood butcher and bakers, this beach has retained the intrinsic character of Portuguese life.

Lovely Praia do Carvoeiro Beach, in south of Portugal, is friendly for anyone with mobility issues. It is the only beach in the region that can be accessed by foot as well as by wheelchair. This means that even those who are unable to walk to the beach can still enjoy the sand and the water. The water by this beach is beautiful and blue, like it is in many other areas of the Algarve.

A visit to Praia do Carvoeiro beach is sure to let the stresses of life slip away, as you immerse yourself in its ultra serene surroundings.

Algarve night!

Everyone is invited!!

Saturday the 23rd July 2011 at 9:30pm in Carvoeiro, don’t miss it!

There will be a parade though the streets of Carvoeiro with two of the greatest folk parade of the Algarve.

They come from Mexolhoeira Grande and Pedra Mourinha. The parade will go down the street of Rua do Farol (Restaurants street), Rua dos Pescadores (the in street) and also through Rua do Barranco (the exit street).

To all business owners who want to join the party please decorate your business premises on the theme “Algarve night”

This event is organized by the Association Vozesintensas “Business owners and residents of Carvoeiro” with the support of the associated “restaurant JOTA LITA” and the Municipalities of Carvoeiro and Lagoa. Hope to see you all in this night!!

Noite Algarvia

Sábado dia 23 de Julho 2011 às 21h30 não percam!!! Vão desfilar pelas Ruas da Praia do Carvoeiro duas GRANDES MARCHAS! São elas a Marcha de MEXOLHOEIRA GRANDE e a Marcha PEDRA MOURINHA! Uma entrará pela Estrada do Farol e a outra pela Rua dos Pescadores, passando também pela Rua do Barranco. Sugerimos aos comerciantes da Vila, principalmente destas duas artérias que decorem os vossos estabelecimentos alusivo ao tema “Noite Algarvia”. Este evento é organizado pela incansável Associação VozesIntensas e têm o apoio do restaurante JOTA LITA e os Municípios de Carvoeiro e Lagoa. Esperamos vê-los a todos por cá nesta noite !!!!

“WELCOME SUMMER BEACH PARTY” Saturday the 25th June 2011

The Welcome Summer beach party, will have 2 well known DJs, several local bars preparing fantastic cocktails and some snacks;

DJ Puetes” will open the night at 8pm with music  for those who are having dinner in the local restaurants, then at 10pm  the party starts in the beach and the 2nd “DJ Cina” will continue the party until the end at 3am 

Don’t miss the 1st “summer beach Party” ever held in Carvoeiro!

Easter 2012

Time for an unforgettable family holiday getaway

Celebrate Easter break in style…..  

 Studio Calisto Overlooking Carvoeiro Beach

The Easter break provides a rare opportunity for the whole family to get together and have some fun, so why not make the most of it?  At Studio Calisto, were you can benefit from having your own private space and really enjoy the excitement of taking a holiday abroad. You cannot fail to enjoy the Easter holiday surrounded by the warmth hospitality that Carvoeiro has to offer.  2012 Easter break in the Algarve is a magnificent time to enjoy any sort of holiday from activity holidays in the country to traditional beach breaks or a cultural Easter break. There are plenty of places basking in glorious sunshine with flights just a few hours away, with temperatures still mild enough to enjoy a full range of activities from hiking to swimming, keeping the whole family happy and active. Rural areas are awash with the beautiful colours of spring.