FIESA 2012

10th International Sand Sculpture Festival – FIESA 2012

FIESA is a mega exhibition of sand sculptures held by Prosandart since 2003 in Pêra, Algarve, that in each new edition is dedicated to a different theme.

Every year, a group of talented sculptors, from various parts of the world and experts in the art of sand sculpting, join to give shape to thirty-five thousand tons of sand, in an area of fifteen thousand square meters.

Idols are the theme of this year, a tribute to various characters admired and praised by our society. Carved in sand you will find icons of sports, from the movies, from music, fashion, politics and religion.

In an historical and geographical approach, the exhibition ranges from the ancient gods and beliefs to the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Marylyn Monroe or Eusebio, among other icons idolized by the crowds throughout time.

The festival is unique in the Iberian Peninsula and is considered the largest sand sculpture festival in the world, by the size of its sculptures and the area they occupy. It can be visited by day or by night when the sculptures are illuminated by light games.

FIESA also incorporates a playful dimension with a space for sand sculpture activities, where each day, adults, teens and children can experience and show their creative abilities in this form of artistic expression.

This is an event you can´t afford to lose… Amazing by day and by night!

FIESA 2012 exhibition is open to the public every day: Between May 25 and June 29 from 10am until 9pm. Between June 30 and September 15 from 10am until Midnight. Between September 16 and October 25 from 10am until 8pm.

The FIESA is an outdoor enclosure. In case of adverse weather conditions the organization is not responsible for any lack of technical conditions or, for the same reasons, there is change in opening times.

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