Vivacity, glamour and music

Night life

Throughout the Algarve, but especially in the most visited parts of the region, there is a sophisticated and comprehensive mix of music forms which extend their magic across the area.

Classic and discretely elegant casinos present quality shows, and include luxurious gaming rooms. The intimate decor and the air of glamour as well as the excellent entertainers and service make these places ideal haunts for those seeking the perfect night out.

For young and the not-so-young visitors, bars and discotheques are always busy places at night. Some have futuristic decor for those wishing to lose themselves in house-music; others are decked out in modern rectilinear design for 1980s theme nights; others play a variety of pop music, including electropop, new wave and punk, while others specialise in Afro-Cuban, Latin American and Brazilian rhythms.

Seductive dinner clubs with ambient jazz and soul music and other modern facilities with open air entertainment promoting a friendly atmosphere have mushroomed and greatly contribute to night-time entertainment.

Algarvian night attractions from the dance floors, to live music or theme nights leave visitors spoilt for choice on where to spend their free time.