Couples Holidays

Relax in Carvoeiro

Couples looking for a laid-back resort with the freedom to do as much or as little as they like need look no further than Carvoeiro.

This fishing village shows off the Algarve’s natural beauty, with a charming village and stunning coastline, and you can relax your days away on the beach. Good food and drink can be had at local restaurants and bars, of which there are many scattered about the whitewash buildings.

 Relaxing Days


Carvoeiro offers couples a truly relaxing holiday, both with the sandy beach and the general atmosphere of the village. Wherever you stay in Carvoeiro you’ll never be far from the coast and you can spend as many days as you wish soaking up the Algarve sun.

For a better view of the coastline where you are staying, you could rent a boat and relax out at sea. Peace and quiet can be had at Carvoeiro should you wish to find it.


  Nightlife in Carvoeiro                   

  To experience Carvoeiro at its best, the village needs to be seen through relaxed eyes and lively eyes. To chill out one evening, stroll the coast and find a quiet bar or restaurant on any corner. And not far away you can even have a party. Plenty of bars and several clubs all await you for an action-packed night.  

Explore the Coast


When staying in Carvoeiro, exploring the coast is a necessity. And being centrally located, it is a perfect place from which to plan a coastal walk or drive.

Those looking to hike can join rambles or can discover the coastline at their own leisure, although a car is usually a good idea to find some of the best hiking spots. Families can take bikes along and cycle some of the same paths used for walking.

Discover some of the windy roads of the Algarve by car, but be sure to bring a camera to snap the many different points of view you will discover. Elsewhere, hitching a ride with a fisherman will show you the coast from a magnificent viewpoint.









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