Carvoeiro in the Algarve….

Algarve Beach


The beauty of the Algarve is created by the wonderful colours of the rocks, sea, sand and mountains. Wherever you look, the colours are always with you, the sunrises and sunsets are a picture to behold.

Carvoeiro village and it’s exciting heritage makes it what it is today. Long dry summers Carvoeiro fullviewwith over 12 hrs of sunshine per day. It is remarkable to see rain between early June and September. The temperature averages 28 ⁰ – 30 ⁰ C with the occasional 40 ⁰ days that are rarely stuffy or uncomfortable due to the refreshing Atlantic breeze. A perfect climate to enjoy its shimmering ocean beaches and exquisite countryside. The winters are mild and equate to a North European spring, temperatures averaging 18 ⁰  and with 6 hours of sunshine per day make this an ideal winter haven and with a golden treasury of superlative golf courses, a golfers paradise all year round. Rainfall is mainly between Oct and March.

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