Praia do Carvoeiro   is also known as the ‘town beach’ sheltered by cliffs on either side. There are shower and toilet facilities and it is well served by bars and restaurants on the paved area just behind the entrance. Access is easy and level with the paving although there is only a short boarded walkway. There is car parking just behind the beach, but spaces are limited and it can get quite busy in summer, so you may need to park a little further away and walk down.

Praia do Carvoeiro has supervision during the ‘beach season’ but is not classed as an ‘Accessible Beach’ 


   Praia do Carvalho   is a rather small, yet lovely, curved bay, sheltered all around by rocks. You can access the beach from both sides; from one side, entrance is down some steep steps cut into the cliff face. On the other side, you can walk down from the car park and go down some steps cut into a tunnel in the rock. This obviously makes it unsuitable for disabled access. Unfortunately there are no toilet or wash facilities on Praia do Carvalho and you will need to take food and drinks with you.

Praia do Carvalho is not a supervised beach


Praia da Marinha has a big car park at the top with a picnic area, which overlooks the sea offering spectacular views of the coastline.(It is also on a bus route.) To get to the beach you follow the attractive tree-lined path, which winds its way to the top of the steps. It is quite a steep access down the steps but there is a handrail all the way down for support, but it is not suitable for wheelchair access. At the bottom is a restaurant at the entrance to the beach and there are toilet and wash facilities.

Praia da Marinha is a good-sized beach and at low tide you have the choice of several little bays. However when the tide is high, access to these may be limited. There is scuba diving and boat trips available if you don’t just want to sit on the beach.

Praia da Marinha is supervised during the ‘beach season’


 Praia do Paraíso  is the next beach along from Praia do Carvoeiro, accessed by driving up the hill on the western side of Praia do Carvoeiro, following the road round to the right, and then there is a car park on the left hand side, where the restaurant (“Restaurante O Boteco”) is. The small, sheltered bay of Praia do Paraíso is reached down a long, winding flight of steps built into the cliffs. There are no amenities on the beach, but Restaurante O Boteco, above, is open all year and has a lovely outside terrace to enjoy a meal while looking out over the cliffs.

Praia do Paraiso is not supervised and has no support facilities


  Vale de Centeanes is a lovely sheltered, sandy bay with some rocks at the eastern end and is a couple of kilometres to the east of Carvoeiro town. There is a restaurant at the entrance to the beach with toilet facilities and in summertime there is also a hut selling cold drinks and ice-creams.

The road down to the beach has recently been done up with parking areas and a turning area at the bottom. The cliff faces, especially beside the restaurant are showing the effects of the waves constantly rolling in and eroding them, but they look quite spectacular.

The access to the beach from the car park would be suitable for wheelchair users as it is a gentle slope down and the walkway runs across the back of the beach. It isn’t classed as an ‘Accessible Beach’ but is supervised during the ‘beach season’

Carvoeiro has one of the best concentrations of good quality restaurants along the Algarve coastline. Most are in the centre of town but some are a little further outside town so you may wish to take advantage of the very reasonably priced taxi service from the town centre. The choice ranges from typically Portuguese cuisine where you can sample the local “Fado”, to Bistros, Steak Houses, Italian, English and many more. Do go along hungry!! To catch the lights across the bay in the evening try a meal out in Monte Carvoeiro, on the hill to the west, overlooking the town.
Algarve Weather Chart

Weather Information

All year round, the Algarve enjoys the best climate in Europe. With only a short period of rainfall (it normally rains between November and March) and long hours of sunshine (the highest in Europe), the Algarve region is blessed with the perfect weather for tourism.

During the summer months, temperatures are quite high, which greatly favours the so-called “Beach Tourism”. The Algarve is a veritable paradise for bathers. It is a region endowed with beaches of fine white sand all along its extensive coastline and a calm sea with water temperatures of around 22°C in the summer period.

Seawater temperature in summer: 21ºC to 24ºC
Seawater temperature in winter:   15ºC to 19ºC    

Weather Overview for Carvoeiro 

Located on the most southern tip of Portugal; Carvoeiro benefits from a typical Mediterranean climate, with warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Carvoeiro is located in the sunniest region of Algarve, enjoying more than 2900 hours of sunshine per year. 

Situated in very close proximity to the main town of Lagos and only 70km from Faro airport; Carvoeiro in a region within accessible reach of many of Portugal’s popular attractions. Located in a miniature picturesque bay, surrounded by gorgeous sandstone cliffs and with crystal clear waters ultimate for swimming, diving and snorkelling; the beaches around Carvoeiro are just delightful. Carvoeiro is the ideal destination for holiday makers in search of vacation of unlimited sunshine and warm, pleasing temperatures. 

With assurance of high constant temperatures at almost any time of the year; the climates throughout the region give highs of 29ºC throughout the peak of the summer months and 17ºC during the wintertime. This gives a perfect summer temperature for those who love to relax in the sunshine but don’t like the tremendously high climates. Summertime is typically hot and dry and the winters are classically mild but vaguely humid. The lack of humidity throughout the summer helps temperatures feel more at ease while the increase of humidity during the winter can bring climates to a milder level. January and February see temperatures averaging around 17ºC which are considered to be the coldest months of the year.

Sunshine and Beach leisure act apart of a significant role is the majority of Algarve holidays; Carvoeiro consequently has a profusion of both. June through until September are the regions warmest months, when climates reach above 30ºC. The warm and dry season; from April through until October will commonly see temperatures above 20ºC. Sunshine hours during the summer will average at around ten to twelve hours per day. The summertime ensures waters temperatures that are perfect for swimming at any time of the day.

For holiday makers wanting to escape the scorching hot climates of many Mediterranean destinations; spring and autumn offer slightly cooler temperatures. Holidays throughout the Easter and October break will range between 18 ºC to 23 ºC and the sun still shines for an average of eight hours per day. This is also a perfect period of time to discover the nearby areas and visit the beautiful towns of Portimao and Lagos.

With climates throughout Christmas and New Year still ranging high above 16 ºC the region will promise enough sun to easily pick up a golden tan.



Electronic Tolls Portugal


 There are some highways in Portugal on which the tolls are electronic only. It means that there are no cabins and the passing of vehicles is detected by devices placed at the beginning of those highways.
The highways are identified at the beginning with: “Electronic toll only”.

The highways concerned:

Norte Litoral (Littoral North-highway)
– A27/IP9: Viana do Castelo – Ponte de Lima
– A28/IC1: Viana do Castelo – Porto

AE Transmontana
– A4: Variante Sul de Bragança

Interior Norte
– A24/IP3: Vila Verde da Raia (border) – Viseu

Grande Porto
– A4: Matosinhos – Águas Santas
– A41/IC24: Perafita/Freixieiro – Sêroa (Oeste)
– A42/IC25: Sêroa (Oeste) – Lousada 

Centro (Costa de Prata)
– A17/IC1: Estádio de Aveiro – Mira – Autoestrada do Litoral Centro (entre Mira e Aveiro)
– A25/IP5: Albergaria-a-velha (A1/IP1) – Vilar Formoso (fronteira)
– A29/IC1: Miramar – Angeja

Centro (Beira Interior)
– A23/IP6: Torres Novas – Guarda

Lisboa Region (Pinhal Interior)
– A13/IC3: Atalaia – Tomar

Lisboa Região (west littoral)
– A8/IC36: Variante Sul de Leiria
– A19/IC2: Variante da Batalha

Baixo Tejo
– A33 – Belverde – Coina

Algarve (Via do Infante)
– A22: Lagos – Castro Marim

Payment through electronic devices

In order for the vehicles to use the above mentioned highways, they should have an electronic device, which must be bought or hired beforehand at a Service Area (Área de Serviço) alongside the highways or at a post office (CTT/Correios). There are three types of electronic devices:  

Electronic license plate device (Dispositivo electrónico de matrícula – DEM): the device is linked to the vehicle’s license plate and cannot be transmitted to other cars.
Obtaining: at the highway service areas or other locations like the post offices and the Via Verde Portugal-shops.
Costs: €27,50 to purchase + preloading a minimum €10 for light vehicles and €20 for heavy vehicles.
Validity: valid for 90 days as from the date of the last preload. After this period the remaining balance will be lost and the device will be deactivated. To reactivate the device it will be necessary to re-charge it with a minimum of €10.

Temporary device (Dispositivo temporário – DT): the best solution for a short stay, and as a result for vehicles with a foreign license plate; the license plate is not linked to the device, therefore, anonymity is guaranteed.
Obtaining: it is necessary to establish a lease contract with the responsible entities, at the highway service areas or other locations like the post offices and the Via Verde Portugal-shops.
Costs: deposit of €27,50 (that will be given back to the driver when the device is returned in good condition within a period of 30 days) + preloading a minimum of €10 for light vehicles and €20 for heavy vehicles. The lease has a cost of 6 euros on the first week, and at the following weeks the cost is about 1,50 euros per week.
Validity: valid for 90 days as from the date of the last preload. After this period the remaining balance will be lost and the device will be deactivated. To reactivate the device it will be necessary to re-charge it with a minimum of €10.

Devices from a toll entity (Dispositivo de uma entidade de cobrança de Portagens – DECP) like Via Verde are also accepted on these highways. Although the license plate is not linked to the device, it is necessary to establish a contract with a toll entity. This can be used by vehicles with a foreign license plate that stay in Portugal for a longer period of time.
Obtaining: Via Verde-shops (www.viaverde.pt
Costs: €27,50 + direct debit from bank account every time the device is used.
Validity: Until the cancelation of the contract

Payment without electronic devices:

Three day pre-paid ticket (only available for vehicles with a foreign license plate)
This ticket is valid for three days and may only be used for light vehicles, for several unlimited journeys on the above motorways (only where the tolls are exclusively electronic).
Purchase: Post offices, Payshop chain, Porto Airport and the internet on: http://portagens.ctt.pt
Cost: €20 (plus administrative costs, when purchased over the internet)
It is allowed the purchase of a maximum of 6 pre-paid tickets per year and per each vehicle license plate.

Prepaid credit (only available for vehicles with a foreign license plate)
If the period you are staying in Portugal does not justify the option of the Temporary device, one can opt for charging based on the registration of an image of the license plate in everyone of the electronic toll booths.
Before passing the highways on which the charging is exclusively electronic and through the CTT website, drivers (after being registered on this site and being provided with login and password) can choose one of the following modalities:
– Make a prepayment valid for five days or up to the balance, to the value of €10 (plus administrative costs and joining fee) rechargeable at post offices, Payshop chain and Multibanco. The unused balance can be refunded, to a credit card, in accordance to the details given on registration.
– Make a prepayment for predefined journeys on specific days.
The payment is made through a valid credit card. The amount charged depends on the option chosen.
You can register here (only available in Portuguese): http://portagens.ctt.pt

Payment after having circulated at the roads concerned (only available for vehicles with a Portuguese license plate)
If a vehicle does not have an electronic device when circulating at the highways concerned, a photo of the license plate will be made and saved until the payment is made.
Term for payment: the payment can be made at the second day after having circulated at the roads mentioned above and for a period of five weekdays, at the post office or at one of the shops signalized as “Payshop”.
Costs: normal toll costs + administrative costs (an amount €0,25 for every time the roads were used with a maximum of €2 for each payment made)
Note: when a payment term has passed, the driver is in violation of the rules, and fines will be added to the administrative costs.

Car hire
When hiring a car, please ask the hire company how payment is to be made regarding electronic tolls, as the car hiring company may charge their customers for their use of tolls, as foreseen by Law.

More information:

CTT –  Tel: (+351) 707 26 26 26  or http://portagens.ctt.pt
Estradas de Portugal: http://www.estradas.pt/portagensestrangeiros




The small streets of Carvoeiro light up at night with many of the small souvenir shops, boutiques and supermarkets staying open until well into the evening during summer. You can stop for a drink in one of a number of different bars and there’s something to suit everyone, with English type sports bars mingling with Portuguese coffee shops, Jazz bars and Karaoke. Although the nightlife in Carvoeiro is a little less lively than some of its neighbours there is a night club located on the main beach which stays open until the early hours.

Golf in Carvoeiro

When you come to Carvoeiro for your golf holidays in the Algarve you will not regret it! Carvoeiro has an excellent and central location with many of the best golf courses of the Algarve very nearby! You can choose between more than 25 golf courses in the Algarve, all within driving distance.

The Algarve is famous for its great weather, great studio apartments and distinguished beaches. The Algarve is also a great destination for golf holidays and golf breaks. A few world-class courses can be found here and out of more than 25 very good ones here are a few recommendations on golf courses in the Algarve.