Carvoeiro Black & White Party 2017






Carvoeiro Black & White Party 2017 – Opening the Algarve Summer, 17 June

Summer in the Algarve (un)officially begins with a giant party on the beach! Carvoeiro’s Black & White Night has become THE first “don’t miss” event of the season. For 2017, the party is scheduled for Saturday, 17 June. Everyone is invited to join the summer fun in the Carvoeiro city center, from the beach (Largo da Praia), along Rua do Barranco, and down Estrada do Farol. The dress code, of course, is black and white.

Carnival in Carvoeiro Village 2017

carnaval-2017-bCarnival in Carvoeiro Village

24th – 28th of February 2017

It’s Carnival time! And in the western Algarve, Carnival Central is Praia do Carvoeiro. This little village on coast know how to throw big parties.carnaval-2017-c And for Carnaval 2017, the festivities stretch out from 24-28 February.

There will be a parade on the morning of Friday, February 24th for the school children of Carvoeiro with a full parade planned for Sunday the 26th to again be repeated on the day itself, Tuesday the 28th so there is no way anyone will be able to miss it!


You simply must experience the Portugal Carnival..




In Portugal, the carnival is the biggest festival of the year and draws people from around the world. It usually happens in February, right Carnival 6before lent starts. It signals the end of winter and also ushers in the religious period of giving up meat. Carnival is usually not religious in nature and therefore it continues well past Ash Wednesday when religious affiliated carnivals end. In fact, the carnival in Portugal usually last almost three weeks. It is a non-stop party where the focus is on fun and celebration.

untitledEven if you have attended the carnival celebration elsewhere, you simply must experience the Portugal Carnival. Every celebration is unique and each with its own cultural influences. In Portugal you will experience the cities and the people in a way that you cannot do any other time of the year. It is an experience like no other. If you want to have fun and to let loose on vacation then book a trip to Portugal for the carnival.


Calisto & Destino Rentals Carvoeiro Centre ….

Bedroom Lounge

Calisto & Destino Carvoeiro RentalsBedroom (A) located in the heart of Carvoeiro with the beach at your door step, simply the best location in the Algarve.

Carvoeiro is an unspoiled resort with hidden coves offering sheltered sunbathing inlets, quaint shops and restaurants. IMG_Carvoeiro village eveningOnce a small fishing village, small boats are dotted along the beaches offering picturesque views. Resort_faoc2There are numerous restaurants and hotels offering gourmet cuisine. Within a short distance are the two golf courses of the Carvoeiro golf club, Vale de Pinta and Quinta de Gramacho.

Happy Holidays

Festive Traditions Meet Laid-Back Luxury in Portugal this Holiday Season

With seasonal highs reaching a pleasant 17°C, the Algarve is ideal for those looking for a white Christmas that’s more sandy beaches than snow covered windscreens. Though it may feel like the beginning of summer outside, you’ll soon be reminded that it’s the most wonderful time of the year when the sparkle of seasonal lights adorning palm trees and chic boutique windows catch your eye. A traditional Christmas in Portugal is centred around the 24th, when many families gather together to enjoy the ‘Consoada’ feast and exchange gifts. Villages and towns host events throughout the season to bring the whole community together in celebration, while the mid-December scramble for gifts is actually more of a relaxing jaunt with such a peaceful pace of life. Showcasing the many family-friendly experiences on offer, we’ve put together a guide to enjoying Christmas in the Algarve.

Christmas & New Years in the Algarve

Christmas in the Algarve

If you fancy getting away from the hustle and bustle of Christmas, then do try the Algarve! It is nowhere near as commercialised as the UK and things don’t really start happening until the end of November. Christmas decorations go up in the towns and villages and the palm trees along the water front promenades sparkle with Christmas lights.

The main resorts normally have various events throughout the Christmas season which are added to our events calendars as soon as we receive them (normally about the 3rd week in November). One year Faro even laid on some artificial snow which certainly had the children very excited as they certainly won’t see the real thing!

A lot of the shops have their usual range of goods in, rather than gift packs bought in just for Christmas. Christmas trees, decorations and lights, lovely scented candles are all part of Christmas, but one thing that is noticeably different is the sending (or in this case, not sending!) of Christmas cards. Cards tend to be more for the immediate family, not sent in bulk! So the cards in the shops are, on the whole, rather expensive as they are individually wrapped and don’t come in boxes. We did see a few boxes in some shops, but they were still quite expensive and not much choice. Maybe the Portuguese have got the right idea?

During October supermarket shelves start to fill up with very tempting boxes of sweets and chocolates and the very Algarvean boxes of beautifully decorated marzipan sweets, little fig cakes in various shapes and all sorts of glacé fruits, dried fruits and nuts. Come mid-November there are delicious cakes decorated with glacé fruits and nuts, added to the always tempting displays of mouth-watering cakes and pastries that the Algarve is so well known for.

All the traditional foods for Christmas are available – turkey, cranberry sauce, bread sauce (if you don’t make your own!), stuffing mixes and chestnuts aplenty. Turkeys are usually fresh and in all the supermarkets and butchers; the extras we found in some of the main supermarkets, like Intermarché, but also in some of the smaller supermarkets like the Ali-Supers. You don’t see Christmas puddings, mince pies or traditional fruit Christmas cakes everywhere, but there are lots of “English” food shops around that you can find them in.

If anyone is wondering about sprouts and parsnips, sprouts are available, though funnily enough we did struggle to find them for Christmas, but there were plenty around afterwards! Parsnips are more difficult – we have spotted them occasionally but don’t always manage to get them for Christmas. Never mind!

We have been to both of the Algarve’s big shopping centres at Christmas now (Forum Algarve in Faro and Algarve Shopping in Guia) and although at first it felt a little strange shopping on Christmas Eve in the sunshine, we soon got used to it! There’s nothing more enjoyable than pottering around the decorated shops, listening to Christmas music and seeing smiles from fellow shoppers and shop assistants! People looked like they had all the time in the world to get their last gifts – rather different than the frustrating queues of previous years with people fighting over the last turkey or pack of Brussels sprouts! And we’ve never had so much help in choosing what to buy from shop assistants! On a practical note, supermarkets extend their opening hours from the beginning of November, so most are open all day 7 days a week including bank holidays; which probably helps to alleviate any chaos (although we’re not convinced that there would be any anyway!).

Christmas celebrations in Portugal traditionally start on December 8th, (the day of “Our Lady of the Conception”) and end on twelfth night. Christmas itself is celebrated on Christmas Eve night with a big family meal, traditionally of “bacalhau” (salted cod fish), and lots of delicious savoury and sweet nibbles. (“Fatias Douradas” – slices of bread dipped in a milk, sugar and egg mix, fried and dusted with cinnamon are one of the favourite Christmas nibbles in Algarvean homes along with various almond sweets.) Presents are opened at midnight and then Christmas Day is for relaxing with family and friends.

New Year in the Algarve

When it comes to deciding what to do at New Year, do you struggle to think what to do? New Year celebrations can become very expensive, with buying bar or club tickets and booking taxis, so why not think about getting more for your money and having a New Year with a difference?

We usually watch the firework displays on the river front in Lagos and (as long as it’s a clear night) get a view of Portimão’s display as well! Albufeira are well known for their open air concert at Fisherman’s Beach (Praia dos Pescadores) on New Year’s Eve and all the bars and clubs across the Algarve stay open until the early hours for the celebrations to continue.



Calisto & Destino Carvoeiro Rentals

IMG_Bedroom lounge


The Calisto & Destino Carvoeiro Rentals, located in the charming resort of Carvoeiro, areBedroom (A) a perfect choice for families and those looking for a relaxed base for their holiday. The resort centre is a tranquil, former fishing village with bars, cafes and shops to visit, as well as plenty of quiet coves to explore. The apartment complex offers a wide range of nearby facilities and dining options, and if you need to relax, the large rooftop terrace and surrounding area is the perfect spot to laze in the sun.


Welcome to Carvoeiro…

Carvoeiro EastviewCarvoeiro is a tranquil part of the Algarve that stems from humble beginnings as a small fishing village. It has a small, secluded, sandy beach where life spins round the cities’ main square.

Carvoeiro is home to a great natural harbour and remains sheltered from the winds due to its location between rocky headlands and thus ideal to spend your Algarve sun holidays.

The close beach is not big, but extraordinarily clean and beautiful, with neighbouring beaches within easy Algar Secowalking distance. The resort has maintained plenty of its character from when it was only a tiny fishing town and this makes it perfect for families looking to relax on a golden beach.

There is quite a lot to do in the region, with one highlight surely being the astonishing rock formations around the shore that can be admired from boat trips round the Algar Seco.

Carvoeiro Beach 4The nightlife here is pretty lively, as is the shopping district with lots of stores providing quaint products – perfect for mementos, or as gifts to family and friends.

Topped off by some exquisite restaurants that cater to all palates Carvoeiro is a perfect place for those who want to enjoy all the Algarve has to supply in a more tranquil, peaceful setting.

Holidays to Carvoeiro

Carvoeiro West A.Carvoeiro is a brilliantly positioned resort on Portugal’s Algarve coastline that’s great for relaxed breaks with the kids, as a couple, or just with friends. It’s not the largest or busiest resort in the area, but if you want to enjoy a spectacular coastal spot, with all the facilities you need for an amazing break, holidays in Carvoeiro are perfect.

Once a small, traditional fishing village, Carvoeiro has retained much of its original charm, and the sheltered sandy bay is beautifully situated between dramatic cliff Carvoeiro beachfaces jutting out into the water. Fishing boats still bob about on the water, and while the town centre does have shops, bars and restaurants for holidaymakers to enjoy, tourism hasn’t spoilt the natural landscape, with fantastic walking trails to be found.

Book your break to this charming Algarve holiday spot and look forward to a laidback escape within easy reach of the area’s attractions.