Simply Beautiful Carvoeiro

Beach, Carvoeiro, Algarve, PortugalPicturesque with a delightful sandy beach, Carvoeiro is becoming ever more popular, not unsurprisingly so, considering its many charms. Still a quaint fishing village with a working fleet, the main beach and little nearby coves benefit from the shelter of high surrounding cliffs, creating a picture-imagespostcard Algarvian setting. Within the resort, you’ll find a healthy selection of cafés, bars and restaurants and a handful of shops for hunting down souvenirs. Great for families and couples who want to relax in a pretty location. Great bases for exploring are tranquil and unhurried Salicos, whilst Sesmarias, another tranquil location, is a friendly, pretty picturesque fishing village.

Easter break holiday at Studio Calisto & Apartment Destino Carvoeiro

Escape this year for Easter to the Algarve and enjoy highs of 23˚C at Studio Calisto & Apartment Destino Carvoeiro Village Resort, a holiday for the whole family.


Easter is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to escape with the family. Whether you’re looking for a short Easter break or a week’s holiday Studio Calisto & Apartment Destino Carvoeiro could be your ideal resort. Positioned right next to the sparkling Atlantic Ocean and bordered by Portugal’s finest beaches enjoy the tranquility the area offers alongside the many on site and off site activities.


Our two Boutique apartments feature a range of different accommodations from a unique and luxurious 650 sq. ft. T0 / studio apartment to a luxurious one bedroom 1000 sq. ft. apartment with balcony facing east the width of the apartment. Each come with a kitchen, lounge and can cater for a variety of size groups and families.

If you’re looking for something extra special why not stay at Studio Calisto & Apartment Destino for a unique and luxurious way to enjoy a family holiday.


Local Attractions

There are plenty of things to do and see in the local area. Studio Calisto & Apartment Destino Carvoeiro is the perfect base for visiting and experiencing everything the Algarve has to offer. From safaris to water parks to shopping centers and much more. Studio Calisto & Apartment Destino is located in the heart of Carvoeiro Village which is a thriving tourist orientated town with plenty to offer including restaurants, bars and shops with handmade crafts and goods. Take a stroll on the boardwalk in Carver overlooking the Atlantic that leads from the beautiful little church of Carvoeiro to the spectacular rock formations of “Algar Seco”. A more challenging walk is the famous “7 hanging valley walk” starting in Carvoeiro up to the famous “Praia da Marinha”, along cliff paths with the most spectacular views over the Atlantic Ocean.


Praia do Carvoeiro is also known as the ‘town beach’ and it is a small sweep of sand sheltered by cliffs on either side. There are shower and toilet facilities and it is well served by bars and restaurants on the paved area just behind the entrance. Access is easy and level with the paving although there is only a short boarded walkway. There is car parking just behind the beach, but spaces are limited and it can get quite busy in summer, so you may need to park a little further away and walk down.

There are several absolutely stunning and family friendly beaches available so you can spend the day relaxing on white sandy shores surrounded by the incredible background of towering stone cliffs and sparking, crystal clear waters. If you’re looking for something more adventurous there are plenty of other shores to explore that are a little less accessible if you’re looking for an adventure.


The Algarve prides itself on its selection of championship golf courses. There are plenty to choose from in the area and close by to the resort. Find out more about the local courses.

Book your holiday today and join us at Studio Calisto & Apartment Destino Carvoeiro for your Easter getaway!



Carnival 2The Algarve Carnival is a popular event in the region, which is held each year to celebrate Mardi Gras. This big festival attracts large crowds from around the world who are keen to witness the large Brazilian-style carnival, which has been running for well over 100 years. The main fiesta is in Loule, where the carnival originates, but there are parties held throughout the region during these dates. It dates back to the celebration of the beginning of Lent and `Carnevale` literally translates as `to put away the meat`. Restaurants in the area serve plenty of seafood and other local delicacies and the streets are decorated in colourful fashion and animated floats parade through the streets to Carnival 3Carnival 5encourage the party atmosphere. Most of the streets in the Algarve will be filled with singing and laughter, with plenty of live music and dancing. Many of the boat owners even decorate their boats in lively fashion to join in the region’s celebrations.

Happy Holidays 2014

The Algarve is an all year round holiday favourite for all holidaymakers with its picture perfect beaches, dramatic scenery and lovely weather, it’s no wonder why. The resort of Carvoeiro is one of the most beautiful resorts in the Algarve with many water sports including sailing, windsurfing and scuba diving all on offer at the beaches. If you are keen to explore the beautiful Carvoeiro coast line while on your Christmas holiday, then take a trip to the Sao Rafael beach and admire the stunning rock formations or simply try and find your perfect hideaway amongst the 100 miles of stunning beaches. Praia da Rocha another popular resort and is the perfect place to head after a busy Carvoeiro 10day; relax and unwind in one of the many cafes or restaurants or head out for a night on the town with a great selection of pubs and clubs to choose from. If you are after a quieter Christmas holiday in the Algarve, then head to the resort of Alvor where the charming village has managed to hold on to its traditional characteristics with cobbled roads and white washed houses and dine at one of the traditional Portuguese restaurants and enjoy the fine food and cheap wine on offer. From relaxing on the beach to wandering through the historic old towns, a Christmas holiday in the Algarve really does have it all. Studio Calisto in beautiful Carvoeiro has the accommodation to suit your needs and your budget! So get in the festive spirit and book your Christmas holiday to the Algarve today!


Superb Holiday destination…



Carvoeiro is a cluster of whitewashed buildings rising up from tawny, gold and green cliffs and backed by hills. Shops, bars and restaurants rise steeply from the small arc of beach that is the focus of the town, and beyond lie hillsides full of sprawling holiday villas. This diminutive seaside resort 5km south of Lagoa is prettier and more laid-back than many of the bigger resorts, but its size means that it gets full to bursting in summer.

Carvoeiro a hidden gem!!

Carvoeiro Sunset



Carvoeiro a pretty fishing village, but has now grown into a small lively town, which still retains its charm with many pretty Algarvian cottages nestling around the central beach. The picture postcard beach setting with its colourful fishing boats is a delight and the boats are still used on a daily basis to catch the local fish which can be purchased from the market.

Although now a small town it has not become an impersonal commercialized tourist town.  It is still quaint with many small cobbled backstreets weaving amongst the small prettily painted Algarvian cottages. Sitting alongside are a multitude of fantastic restaurants which cater for many different tastes. Of course there are the obvious Portuguese restaurants which serve local dishes and many different types of delicious seafood.  There are also Spanish, Indian, Chinese, Italian and Moroccan cuisines on offer.

“Discover beautiful sandy coves in Praia do Carvoeiro”

Carvoeiro Sunset


Praia do Carvoeiro



With a beach backed by sandstone cliffs, Praia do Carvoeiro offers hundreds of picture postcard spots to enjoy your holiday. There is plenty to do including snorkeling, boat trips and a variety of water sports or take a short walk along the cliffs and find other seemingly undiscovered sandy coves which are just perfect for spending the days of your holiday soaking up the sun.

Algarve, Portugal’s southern paradise….



The beauty of the Algarve is created by the wonderful colours of the rocks, sea, sand and mountains. Wherever you look, the colours are always with you, the sunrises and sunsets are a picture to behold.


Carvoeiro village and its exciting heritage make it what it is today. Long dry summers with over 12 hrs of sunshine per day. It is remarkable to see rain between early June and September. The temperature averages 28 ⁰ – 30 ⁰ C with the occasional 40 ⁰ days that are rarely stuffy or uncomfortable due to the refreshing Atlantic breeze. A perfect climate to enjoy its shimmering ocean beaches and exquisite countryside. The winters are mild and equate to a North European spring, temperatures averaging 18 ⁰  and with 6 hours of sunshine per day make this an ideal winter haven and with a golden treasury of superlative golf courses, a golfers paradise all year round. Rainfall is mainly between Oct and March.


Carvoeiro 2Carvoeiro beach is sheltered and picturesque. The old fishing boats have trips, several times a day, to visit the caves throughout the summer. This part of the Algarve possesses some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches and there are also some secluded beaches and coves very near Carvoeiro, a few of which are only accessible by boat but are well worth the trouble.

In the winter, Carvoeiro is a different story with a quiet but pleasant, out of season, feel with still plenty of wonderful warm sunshine to enjoy.


A stroll through the tangled web of narrow streets, alleys and steps to be found away from the coast is the best way of getting to know this part of the region. The coastal cliffs are a must for keen walkers and leisurely strolls, a lovely way to enjoy this coastline.IMG_0791

Traditional Algarve cuisine has been influenced by the abundance of freshly caught fish and shellfish, Iberian black pork and the famous Piri Piri brought in by the Moors.







Algar Seco


Princesses, smugglers and one local family – the story behind one of Carvoeiro’s most famous spots

The spectacular cliffs of Algar Seco have long been a landmark in Carvoeiro, but that’s not just because of their natural beauty. They also hold a story that’s very much a part of the town itself.
Legend has it that, long ago, there lived a beautiful princess called Princess Alfanzina, who fell in love with a poor coaler (a carvoeiro). Her father disapproved of the relationship between his daughter and a commoner, so the youngsters would meet in secret at Algar Seco. It’s said that the king learnt of their secret meetings and, upon finding the two lovers, killed the Carvoeiro with a dagger and his body fell into the sea. Broken-hearted, the princess would return to the spot and mourn the loss of her lover. As her tears fell to the ground, they formed the holes in the rocks that we see today.


A network of rock pools and caves, the formations at Algar Seco – legend aside – are pretty spectacular, but none are more iconic than the large formation that, from the sea, is said to resemble a doll’s head: A Boneca. Officially named A Boneca (the doll) on April 26, 1974 – the day after the Portuguese Carnation Revolution – it was a reference point for the smugglers coming ashore, who used this spot at low tide to unload and store goods that were prohibited during the Salazar dictatorship, such as cigarettes and perfumes. A Boneca was the code name for the contraband hotspot, and the stairs carved into the rocks – the Escadinhas – were created by the smugglers themselves.
“The customs guards were really strict on contraband in Carvoeiro, which was extremely poor in those days. But when they heard people talking about the Boneca, they assumed they were referring to the brothel that existed near Alfanzina,” explains Carla Carvalho Kröhnert, whose family history is inextricably linked to the history of Algar Seco itself.

Just like the day her grandfather carved the name A Boneca into the rockface the day after the Revolution, each story has been passed down through the generations. The land belonged to Carla’s grandmother, who was born in Carvoeiro, and became the meeting point for the local fishermen who would play cards over a few drinks. It was the ’70s and few tourists had discovered this picturesque fishing village – these were the days of traditional fish stews still made with seawater and when their first grill was a car rim.

In those days, the restaurant now known as Boneca Bar was a temporary structure, rebuilt every summer after the winter had taken its toll. It was only in the early 1980s that it gained more permanent foundations, when Carla’s parents took over the restaurant. Even the access down towards Algar Seco would wash away every time it rained. “Our friends made the steps using tree trunks in return for a case of beer,” laughs Jorge Carvalho, who now runs the family restaurant with his sister. Having spent their summers here and working at Boneca from a young age, alongside cousins and close friends, the brother and sister took over the restaurant, keeping it a family business at heart but adding a more stylish touch to this pretty spot. “It was always our dream to keep it going,” says Carla, adding that the focus remains on fresh fish and grilled specialities. “You give everything you have, you work hard and it drives you crazy at times, but when you’re not here, you miss it.” Even today, Carla’s eldest son works here alongside the school friends he grew up with.

For the Carvalho family, A Boneca is more like a family member, and Carla remembers the day her father rang her with some bad news back in 1990, the year her second son was born. “I heard his tone and as my grandmother was ill at the time, I feared the worst. He was actually ringing to tell me that a giant wave had taken away the arch,” explains Carla, referring to the arched rock that until then had been a prominent feature in Algar Seco.

Of course Algar Seco is not only special to this family; it’s also close to the hearts of many other residents and tourists who have visited year after year for decades. A great vantage point for spotting dolphins, the Boneca itself is also the location of choice for young couples, wedding proposals and even the setting for wedding photographs, with the two holes sculpted into the cliff looking out to the horizon and framing a view like very few others. Jorge and Carla are certainly right when they say that “it’s the magic of the place”.

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